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8 Tips on Hiring Employees for Your Start-up

8 Tips on Hiring Employees for Your Start-up | Specialist Start-up Recruiter | FGS Recruitment

Are you ready to start hiring for your start-up? This is an extremely exciting time but one that can also seem daunting. Putting together the right team is critical to the success of your start-up however it’s very rarely an easy task to undertake. Here are some tips to help you hire right…

1. Look even when you’re not hiring

Even though you may not always be recruiting, never stop looking for stand-out employees. Keep a list of people so that when the time is right, you can call on them first. Now that’s not to say they will be available however it could avoid starting from square one each time. If you also engage with these people before you are looking to recruit, then it’s likely they will have a vested interest in your start-up.

2. Know who you are looking for

You need to find self-starters who will make an immediate impact to your team. It’s not enough that a candidate fits 80% of the role at this level of hiring, that’s 20% that doesn’t fit.

3. Share your vision

As a start-up, you may not have big salaries or expensive fancy perks to tempt others to join you therefore you need to get them on board with your vision. Spread your passion and it’ll soon be contagious. There are many entrepreneurial spirits out there who dream about being part of a start-up and if it’s something they are interested in and passionate about too, then even better.

4. Get buy-in from your team

In small start-up environments, each employee you bring on board will have a huge impact on team culture therefore you need to ensure your team is involved in every hire.

Here at FGS, we ensure our team members meet each interviewee who reaches final stage with us as one wrong hire can completely rock the boat.

5. Be quick

Good candidates do not stay on the market long so whilst you don’t want to rush your decision, be sure to have a thorough but speedy interview and hiring process. Ensure that interviewees know what the next stage will be and when you will get back to them and make it quick. Decisiveness is a powerful thing and will have a big impact on whether a candidate accepts your offer.

6. Offer benefits

Benefits don’t need to be pricey and food related benefits are not only budget friendly but they are very appealing. Simple things such as free breakfasts and snacks show you care about your employees.

Another option is to offer employees shares in your company, otherwise known as employee equity. This is an extremely powerful benefit and can often be more important that higher salaries that your larger competitors may be able to offer, especially to those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

7. Continuously motivate

The recipe for a great team doesn’t just stop at offer stage. In order to continuously motivate your team, you need to keep them involved at each stage. After all, an invested team is sure to bring rewards.

8. Hire a specialist start-up recruiter

As a start-up, hiring a specialist start-up recruitment agency may not be top of the list of priorities due to budget restraints. However, recruitment consults who specialise in this field will not only have a list of active candidates ready to go but they will also work to source passive candidates on your behalf. This leaves you free to do what you do best.

FGS Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency specialising in recruiting sales and marketing jobs in our core markets of Digital Media, Learning & Development and Market Research. Keep up to date with our latest career advice articles and jobs by signing up to our newsletter and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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