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An Introduction to M-Learning

An Introduction to Mobile Learning | FGS Recruitment

What is M-Learning?

Technology has revolutionised the way we work and is now changing the way we learn. Traditional methods of classroom based learning are rapidly being replaced by technology led solutions such as m-learning (Mobile Learning), a revolution in e-learning. E-learning has vastly improved the scope that employers have to build the capability of their employee base by making learning more accessible and easier to fit into their day.

E-learning can encompass a variety of online learning methods and it's likely that if you use a computer then you have completed some form of e-learning. Perhaps you have completed an electronic test based form with multiple choice questions or maybe you've watched a webinar or listened to a podcast.

M- learning is the next step and will enable accessibility to learning to be even easier. M-learning or mobile learning is defined as "learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices”

M-learning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets. M-learning focuses on the mobility of the learner, interacting with portable technologies. M-learning is convenient in that it is accessible from virtually anywhere. Sharing is almost instantaneous among everyone using the same content, which leads to the reception of instant feedback and tips. This highly interactive process has proven to increase learning outcomes.

The benefits of E/M-learning are vast; learners can go at their own pace allowing them to learn in a way that suits them. It has a global reach therefore not restricting an audience due to their location and spans multiple devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones meaning a user can learn at any place, at any time.

The value of E/M-learning is that it can save time and money by providing learning solutions on a one-to-many basis meaning thousands can literally benefit from an e-learning course at once. This is great news for the course provider.

What jobs are available within E/M-Learning?

There are many routes you could take within e-learning. First of all, you need to decide whether you are looking to work in-house creating e-learning solutions for an organisation or for an agency creating e-learning solutions to sell to other organisations. If you are interested in the design or development of e-learning solutions, you may consider job titles such as Instructional Designer or E-learning Developer. Perhaps you'd like to work on writing the content for a particular course, then you might consider searching for jobs as a Content Writer or Content Manager.

Should you decide to work for an agency then there are more opportunities on the sales side with Business Development Managers, Account Managers/Directors and Sales Executives/Managers.

How can I get into the E/M-Learning sector?

You don't need to have a technical IT background to work within e-learning. Depending on what area of e-learning you wish to get into, you should consider your experience or relevant qualifications for that role. For example, if you’re looking to apply for a job as an e-learning Business Development Manager, then you will need to have a proven track record of new business either within e-learning or a different sector. E-learning niches such as gamification or mobile learning often require specialist design and development skills therefore you may wish to focus particularly on one of these areas.

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