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Employers, Here’s How You Can Attract the Best Digital Talent

Employers, Here’s How You Can Attract the Best Digital Talent | FGS Recruitment

Digital technology is growing at such a rate that companies who are not willing to keep up with the pace are being left behind, especially with new tech start-ups launching every day.

Start-ups are inspired by the likes of well-known tech companies with their cool offices, unlimited holiday and flexible working benefits. More often than not start-up tech companies are born from employees of previous large corporates who are fed up of being a small fish in a big pond. They want to make their mark on the digital industry and the frustrations they may have from coming from a corporate company will influence the benefits and workplace culture they build.

You only have to read the news here in the UK to see that this rapid growth of the digital industry means that demand far outweighs supply when it comes to digital talent. With this in mind, as an employer, there is a lot you can do and should be doing to create a brand that is sure to attract and retain the best digital talent.

Employer Branding

If you are a hiring manager, it’s likely you will have heard of the term ‘Employer Branding’. Employer branding is the process of promoting a company as the employer of choice with a target industry. Building an attractive employer brand is essential when it comes to attracting and retaining talent and even more so in competitive sectors such as digital media where specific skill sets are in high demand. To find out more about building an employer brand, read our article.

Attractive Job Adverts

Before you start engaging and interviewing candidates, it’s important to ensure you know what you are looking for. You must have a detailed job description highlighting the skills and necessary behaviours you are looking for as well as marketing yourself as an employer of choice. Think about how you can make your job description stand out from the crowd and ask yourself whether you would apply for the job.

Social Media Presence

Whilst a job advert is recommended, with digital media candidates in such high demand, it’s not long before they are being snapped up. Therefore, unlike with other roles you may have advertised previously, it’s not simply a case of putting a job advert up on the job boards and watching the applications flood in. You want to be an employer to watch. You want potential employees to be following you on social media and sending in their CV when there are no current vacancies. Having a strong presence on social media is important for many brands, however it is even more important within the digital space. It’s almost guaranteed that a digital media professional will be on at least once social media so it’s important that you are on more than one, however, don’t feel like you need to be on all of them. Think about where potential employees might be and get yourself on there, posting regular and relative content.

Remember, you need them more than they need you. With demand so high, they can afford to be picky. If they don’t like where they work then another company with a more interesting opportunity and attractive culture will snap them up.

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