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Hiring Managers, Please Provide Feedback

Hiring Managers, Please Provide Feedback | FGS Recruitment

As recruitment consultants, we know how many applications one job can receive and fully appreciate thats it's not possible to provide individual feedback to everyone that applies. However, those who actually get the opportunity to sit down in front of an interviewer and start to make a personal investment in the company, should receive some form of communication after, even if they aren't successful.

Let's think about this from the candidate’s point of view. I don't think there are many people who take looking for a new job lightly after all, it's often a whole job in itself. First there's the job of updating your CV and online profiles. Then after a full days or weeks work, evenings and weekends are spent looking for jobs that match their skill set and provide the career progression they are looking for. A good candidate will then take the time to tailor their CV and cover letter to the individual role and some companies even have lengthy application processes which whilst not a bad thing, can sometimes take hours to complete.

So, the candidate's CV is successful and you ask them in for an interview. They then take a half day off work, go for a two-hour interview and come out feeling confident that they did well. If the candidate impressed during their interview then more often than not, an employer’s interview process will consist of more than one interview stage resulting in further time off work. Then what happens next? Radio silence.

No-one likes to be the bringer of bad news but radio silence is unprofessional and can leave the candidate with a bad impression of the company. It's also worth bearing from in mind that whilst they may not have been suitable for this particular role, they may be for another so it's always best to maintain the relationship.

Often candidates wait for feedback to come in before making decisions on the next stage of their career. At the end of an interview, manage the candidate’s expectations and provide feedback within the timescale mentioned and even better, provide feedback that the candidate can use to make changes going forwards.

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