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Stay or go? Jobseekers, consider this before you change jobs

Jobseekers, Consider This Before You Change Jobs | FGS Recruitment

As a recruitment agency we speak to people every day who are looking to change jobs and one of the first questions we ask is why. Why are you wanting to leave your current employer?

The responses we receive to this question are varied. There are so many reasons why you might be looking to change jobs. Low salary, lack of benefits, no opportunity for flexible working, slow or no career progression, boredom, challenges within your team, issues with your boss, risk of redundancy or not fitting within the company culture.

Now it may seem strange that a recruitment agency is writing an article on what to consider before changing jobs as surely we make money from placing people into jobs but we like to think we’re not just any recruitment agency. We care about our clients and candidates and we want to ensure we place the right people in the right roles. It’s important to determine whether the main factor to accept a new position is purely out of frustration or whether it is really the right opportunity for you.

Once you have worked out your reason for wanting to change jobs, the next thing to do is to try and fit it into one of these three categories:

Still with us? Great! Let’s look at some possible examples and options to explore before jumping all in to a new job search.

Say you feel that there is lack of opportunity for promotion and you have highlighted that this falls within your manager’s ability to control. Have you spoken to your manager? No? Well that’s the first thing you should do. You might think that your manager doesn’t care and if they did they would have already approached you about possible opportunities to progress which in some ways is correct however the opportunity might be something your manager has planned but the timing isn’t quite right yet. Speaking to your manager before doing anything hasty in this situation gives both parties the opportunity to discuss possible options and if after speaking with them nothing has changed then hopefully you’ll feel better knowing that you have explored all options.

Perhaps your reason for looking for a new job opportunity is that you feel you are not being paid market value and you’ve placed this under the ‘falls within your ability to control’ heading. You may think that the only possible option here is to look for a job that offers a higher rate of pay. We would suggest that in this situation, if you are happy with all other areas of your job, you spend some time putting together salary research along with your key achievements in your current role and then request a meeting with your manager. You’re likely to be nervous during this meeting but try to keep your cool and remain confident and relaxed whilst maintaining eye contact. Best case scenario following this meeting is that you are offered an increase in pay however it’s likely your manager will want to review options rather than give you an immediate answer so don’t worry if you don’t get an answer immediately. This is a much better route to go down in this situation rather than wasting time looking for new job opportunities and then anticipating a counter offer.

Challenges within your team or issues with your boss could be a trickier situation to try and resolve however we hope this article has given you some food for thought. If you are still unhappy and looking to change jobs, then contact us today to see how we can help you find a sales job within digital media, learning and development or business information.

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