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Getting The Most Out of Your Recruiter: For Candidates

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Whether you’re looking for your first role, a step up into management or a complete career change, partnering with a recruitment consultant could be a key step in your job search. However, this isn’t always at the forefront of a jobseeker’s mind and this can be down to recruitment consultants having a negative perception in the industry.

It’s not surprising really given some of the horror stories we hear such as lack of communication, no understanding of the type of job you’re looking for and putting you forward for jobs you have no interest in or are not suitable for. A key factor in these reasons is down to recruitment consultants being heavily KPI’d. By this we mean, having to make a certain number of phone calls per day and needing to send over a minimum number of CV’s for each job.

This is where we’re different. We’re trying to change that perception and show candidates that not all recruitment companies are bad. Our consultants are not heavily KPI’d, we genuinely care about our candidates and clients and are not in the business of wasting anyone’s time. If we have 5 great matches for a role, we’ll send them over but likewise, if we have 1, we will just send that one over.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently and really taking the time to understand our candidate’s requirements. We also want to help you get the best out of your recruiter so we’ve put together some helpful advice.

Partner with a niche recruitment consultant

By partnering with a niche recruitment consultant, they will understand your role and your industry meaning better matches for you. After all, there’s no point working with a specialist marketing agency if you’re a Sales Director. You want to work with specialist sales recruitment agencies or agencies within your specialist field, for example Digital Media.

Insist on an in-depth chat

We spend a good 30-45 minutes on the phone to suitable candidates when we first start working with them. We find out about them, their likes and dislikes, companies they would love to work at, the type of team environment they want to work in, the size of company they want to work for. There are so many elements to a candidates wants that it’s not just about matching them to a Business Development Director job we have because that’s what they do.

Be honest

Like any good relationship, honesty is important and the recruiter/candidate relationship is no different. When we ask where you are interviewing, yes, it gives us an opportunity to pick up leads but it’s mainly because we want to know the types of companies that excite you. We also need to manage our clients expectations and if you have final interviews at three other companies then we know we need to move quickly. We can also work our interviews around your other interviews so you don’t have to take too much time out of the office.

Keep us informed

Keeping your recruiter up to date is just as important as being honest. Feedback is an essential part of the interview process from both the client and candidate so when we ask you to call us after an interview, please do. We want to know how you felt it went from your perspective so that when we speak to the client we can gauge whether the two of you are on the same page. If after the interview, you’re not keen on the job or the company, tell us. We can then use this information to find a more suitable role or company next time. The more we know the better we can help.

It's important to remember that for a candidate, working with a recruitment company doesn’t cost anything. We only get paid by the client once we place you and even then, there are rebate periods in place in case things don’t work out. Another reason why it’s important we find the right candidate for the right job in the right company.

If you’re looking for a new sales job, then look no further. We have a range of sales jobs across Digital Media, Learning & Development and Business Information.

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